There are 2 versions of prints offered.

The first image is what is called the “Pond” shot. I create that image using one of the pictures from the games shots, let me know what image you like and I will let you know if I can use that shot to create the image for you. This takes a bit of time on my part so I will let you know if the image will work within the background I created. The Pond shot images are in Black and White

The second image is an Oil Painting effect. I have printed out a number of these and they look fantastic. If you want to see some sample images please click on the link below.

Painting Images

The prints are done on my Large format Professional printer on very thick, expensive photo paper.  They are a real keepsake and the prints look better then what you can see on your computer screen. The sizes available are: 16×20″ or 8×10″. If you are interested in seeing some prints in person, please let me know and I can show you the prints I have made for my kids.

Any questions please contact me,